Introductory Pharmacy Clinical Experience Report

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I served my Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE) at West Florida Hospital in Pensacola, Florida on January 14th and 16th. This was my first experience in a clinical pharmacy setting. The pharmacist that I worked with was Dr. Jerry Barbee. Thanks to Dr. Barbee and the rest of the pharmacy staff at West Florida Hospital I gained a very positive and enlightening clinical experience.
West Florida Hospital is affiliated with Hospital Corporation of America (HCA). West Florida Hospital is the first hospital in the area to offer all private rooms. W-est Florida Hospital is also recognized as the area’s first accredited chest pain center, a breast imaging center of excellence, and the area’s only certified atrial fibrillation program. West Florida Hospital also has a CARF accredited physical rehabilitation facility, mental health facility, and cancer center.
West Florida Hospital serves a wide variety of patients. The hospital has two emergency rooms for patients in critical condition. The secondary emergency room is primarily for older adults and children, whereas the primary emergency room is for all other emergency patients. The attached two-story building is designed for patients that need physical rehabilitation, cancer treatment, and is also a mental health facility. The hospital also …show more content…

One of the topics discussed in our IPPE class was types of medication errors, and one of the errors listed was “wrong time”. West Florida Hospital has a system where medication is administered throughout the hospital at set times throughout the day. The morning medications are taken at 0900 so when someone comes into the ER in the morning and they cannot remember the last time they took the medication it is very difficult to avoid the “wrong time” medication

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