Invisible Sound In The Film 'Oh Brother Where Are Thou'

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1.) In the film Oh Brother Where Are Thou, I did not notice many invisible sounds, on the contrary I noticed a lot of visible sounds. Some invisible sounds could be when the three guys Everett, Delmar and Pete are driving in the car, and another visible sounds could be in the beginning of the film when the three men are hiding in the farm shed, for example when the town came to capture them we heard a lot of voices, but didn't necessarily see their faces.

2.) The sound effects in particular that contribute to a sense of reality and feeling of being there would be ambient sounds, I say this because ambient sounds are natural to the scenes environment. The film is meant to take place in the 1930's, and through the characters dialogue, and choice of music we as the viewers feel as if we are in the 1930's as well.

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When you amplify the sound, the viewers become more aware as to what is happening.
6.) Sound is used to provide important transitions in the film, for example, sound links are used, and those are aural bridges between scenes or sequences which help transition the place and time in the film. One second we see the three men in the car driving down the road, and the next minute we see them wondering in the woods. Sounds are needed to provide these transitions because sometimes words can't be used to make the transition.
7.) I feel as if voice-over soundtracks are essential because it helps provide background information or fill in gaps about certain events or characters that cannot be presented dramatically. Some scenes simply can not be acted out, so we have to have the voice-over soundtrack to help us as the viewers understand the film

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