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Survival Lessons Are Found Everywhere; Even In Books Imagine a world where after you graduate your future fate is chosen for you by the government; meaning you will either be employed or unemployed based on your grades. In Monic Hughes book "Invitation to the Game," all jobs have been taken by robots and Lisse and her group of friends are labeled as the unemployed, having their basic needs provided through the generosity of their government (Hughes 6). After becoming a customized to their assigned living area they discover The Game, which is a hypnotic virtual world that trains them to live on another planet which they eventually do. Invitation to the game teaches us a lot about survival such as to take advantage of opportunities around…show more content…
Therefore, the next attribute you need to survive is working as a team. In order to do so, you need to accept others. Most of the group members were friends in school, however, some, (Paul and Trent), were not fond of each other. In Invitation to the Game, we learn that you may be hesitant at first, however coming together to appreciate each other 's individuality is profound. Just as Scylla says "we 've got to stick together," and "well plan a strategy for living , and the world will suddenly be a less frightening place" (Hughes 14). Particularly speaking, in the groups first game experience, they climbed the mesa. Lisse who wasn’t the best at climbing kept slipping and even cut her finger. After the help of Karen and Brad, however, Lisse made it to the top. Another way the group worked as a team was they tried to use everyone 's skill to overcome the troubles they faced. For example, after Alden turns down Charlie, his thugs try to beat the group up. However Katie teaches the group karate, a skill of hers, and they end up defeating Charlies thugs. After Alden thanks the group Karen quotes, "one for all and all for one" (Hughes 49). The group also decided to sell some of Scylla 's beautiful paintings and Brads hand-carved wooden toys at a nearby subway station to earn extra credits to find out more about the game. Additionally, after the…show more content…
However what is even more magical is being able to endure tough situations. Therefore, the last characteristic you need to survive is having a strong mentality. In order to have this, you need to be positive. This could be anything from thinking about things that make you happy and not stressed to keep your cool. For example, when the group became unemployed and moved to the new planet, everyone was thrown out of place. Everyone was scared and unaware of what to do. But they pushed through their anger, accepted their fate, and restarted their lives. "A new, clean world. How lucky we are"(Hughes 165). Lisse and her group were also able to find other groups on their new planet called Prize and Lisse even married a man named Phillip. Another way you need to have a strong mentality is you can 't give up. At the end of the day, you have to be able to push yourself, even through physical exertion, in order to overcome obstacles. For example, the group didn’t give up on the game. After each game experience, they eagerly awaited their next invitation. On their down time, they decided to get in shape to prepare themselves for the physical pain they would experience during The Game. "So we jogged through the dingy streets of our DA. After a week, we were doing three miles. After a month we 'd got up to six"(Hughes 77). This prepared the group for The Game and made them less tired and more eager to succeed. The

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