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Isaac Newton was born January 4, 1643. He was born in Woolsthorpe, England. Newton was a mathematician and physicist who was recognized for the law of gravity. Isaac’s parents were Isaac Newton, and Hannah Ayscough. His father died before Isaac was born. When Isaac was born it was anticipated that he would die because he was a premature baby. Isaac was insecure because when he was young, his mother left him for her new husband she married, Barnabas Smith, and his grandmother took care of him. About 10 years later, Isaac’s mother returned when Barnabas Smith died. She had three children with him the came with her. Isaac was pulled out of school by his mother early to become a farmer, which he couldn’t accomplish. After, he went back to school, …show more content…

The Scientific Revolution was just at its peak when Isaac Newton attended the University. The heliocentric theory was created by Nicolaus Copernicus, and Rene Descartes had begun his works and studies. In college, Newton had a set of notes called "Quaestiones Quaedam Philosophicae" that discovered a new idea of nature that gave the structure for the Scientific Revolution. Newton graduated and won the title of scholar and four years of financial aid for future education. It wasn’t helpful because the Great plague started and Cambridge had to close down. Isaac returned home for a year and a half and studied from there. He made principles for the theory of light and color, and obtained an understanding into the laws of planetary motion. Also he formed the idea of the method of infinitesimal calculus. In 1687, he published Principia. Newton returned to Cambridge and received his Masters of Art degree a couple years later. He became a professor and was required to give an annual course of lectures. Newton chose to work on optics. He created a telescope which helped him prove the theory of light and …show more content…

He was furious with the criticism and was like that for the rest of his life. In 1679, Isaac’s mother died. He had nervous breakdowns because of Robert Hooke, and when his mother died he became more isolated. It was a difficult time in his life. Hooke created a theory of the shape the orbit of a planet would take if its attraction to the sun followed the inverse square of the distance between them. Newton’s effort on planetary motion included Hooke’s theory. Edmond Halley went to Cambridge to ask Newton what the shape of the orbit of the planet around the sun and Newton told him it was an ellipse. When Newton first published Principia, Robert Hooke blamed Newton for plagiarism. Newton wasn’t found guilty for plagiarism. Scientists say that Hooke only formed the idea, but never proved his idea. Once again, Newton was angered by Hooke. Principia, contained the discovery of gravity, and the laws of motion. Newton took out Robert Hooke from his notes and wasn’t going publish the second edition of Principia. Halley tried to make a compromise between Newton and Hooke because he was involved with much of Newton’s work. As Newton’s fame grew bigger and bigger, Hooke was becoming less

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