Jack Lord Of The Flies Piggy Character Analysis

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Jack’s development and characteristics support his role as the id which represents the nature of wickedness on the island. The id represents the part of one that is ruled by instincts and desire. It is typically accompanied by violent, rebellious, and selfish behavior(von Unwerth). These three adjectives are commonly associated with Jack. Throughout Lord of the Flies, Jack is constantly “disobeying, ignoring, and finally abrogating the rules that have been established for the benefit, and possible rescue of all”(Bufkin). Jack disobeys the rules by continually harassing Piggy even when Piggy possesses the conch to speak. In one instance, “Jack turned fiercely. ‘You[Piggy] shut up’”(34). Although the conch has been established with a clear purpose …show more content…

The superego is the part of one’s self that seeks definite order and “counsels common sense”(Rosenfield). Piggy is described as wearing thick glasses and “as though baldness were his natural state.” He is also commonly depicted as being very intellectual as he bases his opinions from science and theories. All of these qualities help establish him as resembling an adult figure on the island(Rosenfield). During the dispute of whether there are ghosts on the island, Piggy’s explanation of why there are none is “ Cos things wouldn’t make sense”(80). Scientifically, he knows that it just can’t be. Piggy, as the adult figure, is first shown when Ralph first announces that the boys should make a fire. The boys, especially the littluns, are creating a ruckus, and Piggy comments that they are “acting like a crowd of kids”(30). He is disgusted that everyone left so quickly without a plan being developed. Piggy places a huge emphasis on order. He once comments, “What are we? Humans? Or animals? Or savages? What’s grownups going to think? Going off--hunting pigs--letting fires out-- and now(79)!” He is against the barbarity that the boys are all regressing to. In this statement, he is also placing an emphasis on how the grown ups would see them because as the superego, he plays a supervisory role. Also as the superego, Piggy serves as a contrast to the evil, Jack. Throughout Lord of the Flies, Jack is always bullying Piggy for his thoughts, appearance, and ideas. At the first meeting, Jack calls Piggy out and calls him, “fatty”. Piggy is also punched in the stomach by Jack when Piggy blantantly points out that Jack let the fire go out. The destruction of one of Piggy’s lenses is a significant event as it signifies the destruction of intellectualism on the island as the evil slowly dominates the island. Piggy represents thought, and he supports the

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