Jackson Two Party System Essay

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In the era after the War of 1812 American vision for the future seemed to be cemented in prosperity for all will to work for it. Several events forced a change in public opinion including the Panic of 1819, the Salary Act and the Missouri Compromise. Unfortunately, due to the changes in America was headed for a new and divided vision of the future. The elections of 1824 were filled with many opposing views and challenges for those running for office. Secretary Calhoun recognized this, and in a warning to Secretary Adams, he said,“there was a mass disaffection to the government, not concentrated in any particular direction, but ready to seize upon any event and look out anywhere for a leader” (Sellers 172). American were disenchanted with political elites and were seeking a new direction. The older established politicians were seen as elitist. They “viewed themselves as an elite that monopolized the ability to govern wisely, they were resentful of the democratization of American politics” (??? 202). They…show more content…
207) Jackson’s followers rose from the introduction of “universal manhood suffrage and the emergence of a broad-based two-party system” (???206). Jackson’s new democratic party believed in small government, states’ rights, opposed the national bank and wanted westward expansion. Jackson advocated Indian removal which appealed to his supporters. Per Sellers the Jackson supporters “shocker genteel politicians with their “noise and bustle,” “confusion and turmoil” and” violence and audacity” (188). Jackson popularity swelled among the working classes and farming communities in most states except New England. Jackson had “read the national mood better than anyone else” (Sellers 191). In 1924, he garnered 44% of the vote nationwide but lost in an electoral battle in the House of Representatives (Sellers
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