Jamestown Economy Analysis

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The original colonists that arrived at Jamestowne forged a wreck in the society and a collapse in the economy. Rather than aiming their intention at actually forming a state, they hunted for wealth that was nowhere.Their misguided assumptions held on as they bounced into la la land. However, the economic boom that Virginia later experienced didn’t occur because of gold. As a result, Jamestowne settlers experimented with cultivation, vineyard, silkworms and even glassblowing. Despite their numerous attempts to establish a reliable and diverse economy, only one crop was going to build Virginia 's economy ; tobacco. John Rolfe introduced tobacco to Jamestowne, which took over the colony, immediately changing the economy, which molded the growth of the society. Nonetheless, tobacco farming was harsh to the soil, it exhausted all its source of nourishment.Thus leaving the soil impoverished, which made it unfit to sustain any crops for three years. The effort for tobacco was intensive, so indentured workers was a means to complete the task. In order for them to receive voyage to the country of boom, Virginia, the servants worked for four to seven years in fields before granting their …show more content…

Nevertheless, the huge differences in the governance, this representative body was the initial step taken in attaining American democracy. Having legislative power, gave the assembly and the rich the ability to bend the laws to their advantage.Regardless, the people were happy, because of the new opportunities that it offered. For instance, the reading voiced that officers got their salaries without hassle, and tenants kept their land after seven years of

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