Reasons For Slavery In Jamestown

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Cannibalism was not off the plate in jamestown! The southern colonies were unsuccessful, because of tobacco, servants, starving, swamp area, house of burgesses, and Nate Bacon. Some of the southern motivations were indentured servants which wanted a new chance.Then there was tobacco which basically turned into a way to get money! Basicly, the indentured servants were regularly from England, and did not have money to sail to Virginia. So then they had to become a servant to pay the voyage. The servants worked for a “master” for a period of time under a contract. They usually worked on tobacco. They were given food and a place to live. The “Master” payed their way! Next, one thing that saved Jamestown was tobacco. At that time tobacco was unknown in Europe. But it was shipped to Europe and got very popular. Soon tobacco was the basis of jamestown's economy! People wanted to grow tobacco in Virginia to get money. This is two of the southern colonies motivations. These motivations was leading to a BETTER LIFE!…show more content…
The people in Jamestown argued issues even though they went through a time in 1609 through 160 called the starving times! They ate dead people/ They also ate boots belts, leather, and other gross stuff. Of course they did eat berries, nuts and fish when available. Jamestown was near a swamp. The swamp has mosquitos. Which the mosquitoes had diseases and sadly the diseases killed people,so basicly the swamp killed people. These are some of the hardships, that killed many of the people in
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