Jamie Nabozny Research Paper

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Peyton Carroll
Per 6,7
Jamie Nabozny was put through agony in the first half of his academic career, but preserved through his difficulties and stood up to his bullies. Were you ever bullied? If so, when? During Jamie’s usual school hours, pejorative words were hurled at him to diminish his spirit, because of his sexual orientation. The words fell like sharp knives on Jamie’s confidence. Even teachers gave foreboding reasons for why he was bullied. ”What do you expect when you hit on the hockey team”, or “boys will be boys”. You can feel the despair in Jamie’s heart. It was like Jamie was living in a world where only hate was emitted towards him. In the Bullied documentary, it proves that any person can stand …show more content…

At first, he was taunted with hurtful words, but the bullying only escalated from that point. Violence started ensuing, and the words changed to fists. I can just feel Jamie’s agony. Once, he was beaten so hard, he was admitted to a hospital. Another time, his fellow peers knocked him into a urinal and started urinating on him. Jamie was tired of his schoolmates bullying him. I can feel Jamie’s despair. It was like Jamie was stuck in a hole. The more he climbed out, the deeper the hole became. Jamie’s mom contacted the Principal of the school, Principal Podlesny. Jamie had a conference with his mom, Principal, and the boy who were bullying him. He expostulated with Principal Podlesny about this constant bullying. “We will take care of it” stated the principal. But, nothing happened. The bullies repeated the abuse of Jamie. I can just feel Jamie’s hopelessness feelings. Jamie reached out for help from a community health center. At first, Jamie was relient to do this, with the malicious words the bullies told him if he told anyone of the abuse echoing in his head, ”If you tell anyone, we’ll kill you”. At the health center, Jamie met with Legal advocate Joan Felt. She advised Jamie to pursue the school district, which was completely incompetent with Jamie’s bullying problem. This show of resilience is very impressive. Jamie didn’t run away, ignore, or give up. He was knocked down, stood up, knocked down,and stood up again. He represented all the students who are tormented everyday at school, and he fought back. And won. Jamie Nabozny is a perfect example of a boy who stood up to the problem of bullying, and faced it , even though he had improbable odds against

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