Whale Talk Book Analysis

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Whale talk, a book about a teen named tj, who struggled with family values and friends. With a little courage, and an oddball group of kids on a swim team, they learn that if you keep on going, you can and will succeed. Chris crutcher, the author of this book, is a special writer. The reason i say that is due to the fact that, he writes his books using examples of modern day themes and situations. Crutcher wrote whale talk around a few themes/messages that he wanted to pursue, and one of the messages was that if you have perseverance, you will keep on going no matter what situation you are in, and that is exactly what crutcher showed in his book, whale talk. In the book Whale Talk, Chris Crutcher uses many different examples of imagery and …show more content…

The theme of standing up to bullies is used throughout the entire book on many different characters, Chris Coughlin is one that has learned how to stand up to his bully. Throughout the book, Chris gets bullied by Mike about him wearing his dead brother’s letter jacket, but towards the end of the book, Chris and Mike decide to race for cutter letter jackets. With the encouragement from the other swimmers, Chris manages to beat Mike in the race. Now in modern day, standing up to bullies is a big social problem, one modern example of standing up to bullying was when Keaton Jones, an 11 year old school student was being bullied and he decided not to stay quiet about it. Keaton had recorded a video of himself talking about him being bullied and how it affects victims of bullying, his mother later posted the video online and it just took off. At first people started to go against him, but once the video took notice of celebrities, his word got out and people started joining forces with him and #standwithkeaton began trending. He got all kinds of encouragement from people like J-low, Cardi-b, Snoop Dogg, and Katy

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