Jeffrey And Dorcas Short Story

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An Account from the Slave Trade : Love Story of Jeffrey and Dorcas is a story about two slaves and Jeffrey a 23 year old guy that fell in love with Dorcas , he wanted to have kids with her and get married , but that didn 't go as planned. Jeffrey and Dorcas had told their loves they even exchanged their simple vows and they betrothed.

Jeffrey then went to his master and asked the master if he could buy Dorcas ,but the master couldn 't buy Dorcas because she was going to be sold with 4 other people and he didn 't want to buy all he just wanted to buy her , so then Jeffrey stated " I love Dorcas , young master , I love her , she say she loves me , and I know she does. De good lord knows I love her better than I loves anyone in the wide world never can love another woman."

The story about Wesley Harris is not as interesting as Jeffrey and Dorcas story , but it is a great story.The story is about a man named Wesley Harris that escaped from slavery to get to gettysburg , but unfortunately that didn 't quite happen as good as he wanted but he did escape. Wesley is the selfish one as he leaves his friends that was with him. He knew where they was located but left them be. Both of these characters that are in the two passages are slaves. They also are trying to reach a goal and trying to overcome what they are going through. All in all, one of their characteristics trait are the same. They both are strong willing and brave. Not to mention, in both of these

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