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“I carried it too far that’s for sure” (Ullman). This ironic statement made by Jeffrey Dahmer is a major understatement. Jeffrey Dahmer, also referred to as the Milwaukee Cannibal, was a serial killer guilty of killing at least seventeen people. Jeffrey Dahmer came from a broken family, and he received little support as a child. Jeffrey Dahmer was one of the nation’s most prolific serial killers, who murdered, raped, and had post mortem relationships with his victims
Jeffrey Dahmer was born May 21, 1960 to Joyce and Lionel Dahmer in West Allis, Wisconsin. Jeffrey Dahmer was considered a bright and happy child by his parents, until after a surgery he had performed on him to correct a double hernia at the age of six (Biography). After the surgery, his life was locked in a downward spiral. By his early teens, he was described as disengaged from society and largely friendless. Sources even claim that Dahmer enjoyed killing animals and putting their heads on a stick in his yard (Biography). There are reports that Dahmer was molested by a neighbor, although his father denies it, in his hometown of West Allis, Wisconsin (U-S-History). In an interview, Dahmer states that his compulsions for murder and necrophilia started around the age of fourteen (Biography). His home life was …show more content…

In September of 1987, he started killing again with the murder of Steven Tuomi. After Tuomi, Dahmer started killing sporadically with two more murders in 1988, and another one in 1989 (“Milwaukee Cannibal”). He usually picked them up at gay bars or nightclubs and then brought them back to his apartment to have sex and then when they tried to leave he would kill and dispose of them (“Milwaukee Cannibal”). In 1990, he moved for the last time into his infamous Apartment 213 in Milwaukee (Biography). Here, he picked up the pace of his murders with four in 1990 and three more in early 1991 (“Milwaukee

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