Jeremiah: The Weeping Prophet In The Bible

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Jeremiah commonly referred to as the weeping prophet is considered to be a main prophet in the Bible. If we evaluate his Book in the Bible, we can identify that he is different in many ways from other celebrated Prophets. The paper evaluates his association with God and the various revelations he has made. 1. Jeremiah made an important prophesy that the land of Jerusalem will be under the army of Babylonian. However the authorities of the King’s court and Pashur who was the head cleric, strived to prove to the King Zedekiah so as to punish Jeremiah with a death sentence, since he was dispiriting the army as well as the public. The King however told that he will not act against them. As a result of this, Zedekiah’s army caught Jeremiah and dumped him into a deadly cistern. The plan of the officials was to deny him food and water and to let him die subsequently, so that the officials can later be innocent even if some one argued for his blood. A twist happened and a humble Cushite helped Jeremiah to escape out of the cistern, however Jeremiah continued in the prison till the fall of Jerusalem and till the Babylonian force took charge of the place in BC 587. After the capture the forces of Babylon freed Jeremiah, and extended him immense compassion. They even permitted Jeremiah to decide the place of his stay. 2. The Bible says about Jeremiah delivering many prophecies that were followed by representational deeds or allegories. An act by Jeremiah involved a linen girdle (as

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