Jessip Family Case Study

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The Jessip Family has been through many obstacles in the recent past and although it affected each member of the family tremendously, it has manifested in different ways for each of them. The client system consists of Antonio, Terry, and their three children. Terry is twenty-three years old and of Italian and German descent. Antonio is twenty-nine years old and of Cuban American descent. Terry and Antonio also have three sons. Simon is the oldest and he is four years old with Jerrod close behind at three years old. James is the youngest at four months old and he had a twin brother Sam who died two months ago at the age of two months from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The parents, Antonio and Terry have had to experience the loss of a child and the boys lost a brother. That grief alone is unimaginable and it …show more content…

Following the death of a child, many parents become preoccupied with their own grief which affects their interactions with surviving children (Rossetto, 2015). Terry and Antonio are so caught up in their own grief that they are not paying proper attention to their other three children. The communication in this household is masked because they learned to change the subject whenever Sam’s name comes up. The children as well as the parents did not get the proper amount of time to grieve their loss if they are not allowed to talk about it. Open communication is important for children following the death of a sibling and siblings who were provided family support exhibited less problematic behaviors (Rossetto, 2015). Antonio and Terry have begun to ignore each other and stay silence rather than discuss what the real problems are. They are unable to directly discuss what the problem is and how they should be fixing it. Antonio has become physical towards Terry whenever she does try and communicate her feelings which have led to her staying quiet around

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