How Did Jimi Hendrix Impact Society

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I was listening to a hard rock/heavy metal radio station and suddenly the glorious American national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner” was playing. In the midst of the anthem, the sounds of car crashes, sirens and explosions could be heard. To my surprise, all these sound effects were produced by an electric guitar with the aid of guitar effects. Being a guitarist myself, I found it astounding to how the guitarist produced these sound effects and what influenced him to do so. Finally, I found out that the guitarist responsible for all these noises was none other than the most influential guitarist of all time, Jimi Hendrix playing at the Woodstock Festival in 1969. I agree with the statement that “Music has the ability to allow for greater understanding of ourselves, as well as the world around us.”. Hendrix’s music is a good example of music that reflects the happenings of the world at that era.
Hendrix’s music reflects a lot about his own life. He did not have an ideal childhood. His parents were not only struggling to find jobs, but they were also …show more content…

Even though his life and career was quicker than a wink of an eye, his music had successfully manifested what happened in his life and what was happening in America and what people felt about it. One can know more about what was happening in the late 1960s by simply listening to Hendrix’s music if one chooses to view him as a historian too. As the guitarist of Testament, Alex Skolnick commented, “When considering Jimi, one must take into account the musical landscape during the time he emerged… He mixed the sounds of blues, jazz, soul, spaceships, and oceans into his own brand of hard rock… he achieved something very rare for music: social significance. It’s unfair to compare any guitarist to Jimi Hendrix, whose influence extends beyond the guitar itself. There has never been any guitarist as influential, and probably never will be again.”

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