Job Inequality In The Workplace

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Inequality in the work place can be explained as workers ultimately with the same labor productivity, ability, education, training and experience, not being treated the same as their equal counterpart in aspects of employment, promotion, holidays, wage, training etc. Job insecurity refers more to an employee 's opinion that his or her job is uncertain and may come to an end sooner than expected, (Reisel William D., 2007) which reflects a sense of uncertainty and threats caused by the lack of a steady and stable job or not happy for possibly being fired at any time, which is not only the reflection of the performance of the work experience, but also a perception or expression of concern (Reisel William D., 2007). From a psychological point of view, job insecurity is a subjective perception of employees for the job characteristics, emotional reflection or the cognition of the work value of in the face of organizational change, social development and other external threats and the pressure of circumstances, reflecting the concern of employees for continuing to work and the overall career development (Reisel William D., 2007). With new changes made it workplace, employees and even managers want to ensure that opinions, beliefs and values are respected. It is very important for individuals to understand that conflicts do arise in the work place because there are so many different personalities in one place trying to work towards a common goal, but respecting others is a very

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