John Bell's Use Of Solar Energy To Tak Characters

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Public awareness of solar energy started back in 1954 at a press conference, when John Yellott hailed the silicon solar cell as the first really important breakthrough in solar technology. This technology never went commercialized since the cost to power the average house in 1956 would cost around 1.5 million dollars. Solar was not catching the eyes of the public, but nuclear was. Nuclear had the power behind it that scientists wanted solar to have. Therefore combining the two was thought to be the perfect match. To get a nuclear-ran silicon cell scientists would use strontium 90, a deadly radioactive material, to emit the photons instead of sunlight to produce the photons. Years After it was discovered that if strontium 90 was removed and exposed to sunlight, it would continue to work on solar all by itself. Back to harnessing the sun 's light Bell labs could only find a place for solar technology in a small variety of toys. With almost all enthusiasm gone from solar technology, Bell Labs needed something new. After months of discussion with top-level power experts the scientists conclude that artificial satellites would be in the perfect conditions for solar energy to …show more content…

Characters help make the story more relatable to the audience. Characters change or develop as they react to situations that are presented to them. John chose his characters to convince the audience that his evidence and information are from a credible source, as seen in the following text. “In fact, according to a 1955 Newsweek report, many foresaw the solar cell 's development as an eventual competitor to atomic power." Or how he uses a political figure such as a CEO of Hoffman Electronics to deliver his point. Leslie Hoffman said, “The solar cell is a much better answer." Although his evidence is reasonable it gives the audience a false idea of how great solar technology was at the time. He chose characters, where the audience would trust, to deliver his reasons of why solar technology was

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