John Dillinger Thesis

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Tyler Wear
Coach Fox
English III - 7
1 March 2015
John Dillinger
John Dillinger deserves to be on a postage stamp because he was a very notorious bank robber who used his money to provide for his family. John dillinger is the most successful bank robber in american history. He has escaped from every prison he has ever been placed in by the police. that is why he deserves his own commemorative stamp. during the great depression there were people who bowed down and suffered and then there were the people who took what they wanted at gunpoint and demanded that they had what was necessary. john dillingers was one of the most notorious “ gangster” in this time period. people called him a thug people called scum but everybody respected him. he wasnt one to bow down to anyone nobody could tame him or keep him from getting what he wanted.
John dillinger was born on june 28 or june 23 into a middle class family in oaks hill section in indianapolis.John dillinger's father was a very hard working man. he worked his entire life he was a very hardy man he didn't use words to discipline his children he beat them anytime they did something wrong. this could be one reason why john dillinger would never give up on something he wanted …show more content…

on may 10 1933 he was paroled from prison he served 8 years of his sentence and almost immediately after he left prison he robbed a bank in bufflind ohio. on september 22 he was taken to lima prison during his frisk the guards for plans to escape from the prison four days later john and his crew had escaped from prison killing two guard by using shotguns and rifles smuggled into there sells. john and his young crew had a spree of several banks after the great escape. the stole fully automatic guns shotguns rifles and pistols and a very large bulk of ammunition and even bullet proof vests.on december 14 a young member of johns gang shot and killed a detective from

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