John Keats When I Have Fears

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What would humans be like if we didn’t have fears? How would the world work if not one human had a single fear? Would we be going on that roller coaster without a second thought or would we be strapping up and jumping off of that bridge? If nobody had fears the world would be a pretty crazy place. John Keats’s poem titled “When I have fears” talks about his fears and what he wanted to accomplish in life before death. John Keats was born October 31, 1975, near London. He was the first of five children. He was born to Thomas Keats and Frances Jennings Keats. He is known as one of England’s major poets. In 1802, John’s infant brother Edward dies. Two years later, on April 16, 1804, his father Thomas Keats was thrown from a horse and died of a fractured skull. One year later in 1805, his mother flees and abandons all of her children leaving the kids with their …show more content…

He wanted to find the girl of his dreams and be with her until death did them part. He ended up engaging a young lady named Frances Brawne. People called her by the name Fanny. She was eighteen at the time and had blue eyes. She always had blue ribbons placed in her dark brown hair. Even while being engaged, he continued to write and still publish pieces. The two met in 1818. In 1818, December 1st, John Keats’s brother passed away from tuberculosis and he was deeply saddened. Fanny Brawne helped him and showed him affection by supporting him to keep writing. They shortly got engaged after. They engaged October 18th of 1819. John Keats was completely in love with Frances Brawne They met at The Wentworth Place. Which was John Keats house. It is located in Keats Grove, Hampstead, North London. Fanny Brawn and her family lived in the house next to John Keat’s house. That is how they met and fell in love. He spoke about her in his poem “When I have Fears”, not directly to her but it was about him finding love and that is what he found when he got with Frances

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