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John Lennon was one the greatest leaders of the peaceful movement of his time; his songs touched millions of people 's hearts, providing comfort in a time of war and opening their minds to his conviction that: "all you need is love." Lennon served as the voice of the youth for the turmoil that was occurring in the 70s because of the Vietnam War. Lennon used his fame and influence to persuade and inspire hundreds people to protest against the U.S intervention in Vietnam. John and Yoko (his wife) popularized a form of protest called "stay-in 's", in which people remained at bed without assisting to designated duties. The couple invited the press to these manifestations and in one opportunity they recorded what today is one of the anthems of peace: "Give peace a …show more content…

John 's father maintained an unstable relationship with his mother and had troubled keeping jobs. The situation at home caused Mimi, John 's sister, to complain to Liverpool 's Social Services, John 's mother lost his custody. Lennon began living with his aunt. In July 1958 John got the news that his mother died in a fatal car crash he remembers this as one of the triggers for his rebellious personality. An intellectual career was something this man had no signs of achieving, he was meant for something else. On July 6, 1957 John met Paul McCarthy that would become his long on song writing partner. The troubled young man pursued his passion of making music and was introduced to a world of fame and success, which was very different to the one Liverpool offered him. With two more additional members to the band, a legend was born. The Beatles grew to become the pioneers of the musical British Invasion of the 1960s and all that was possible thanks to John Lennon a man that showed no signs of a successful future but still followed

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