Why Is John Lennon Unjust

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According to some, John Lennon 's assassination was considered just as devastating as the deaths of Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy (Feeney 1). John Lennon use to be a member of the very popular and impactful band, the Beatles. Most considered Lennon the intellectual and outspoken Beatle and this resulted in hate from some people (History.com 1). Days before the shooting, Chapman told his wife he had been obsessed with killing Lennon. He showed her the gun and bullets, but she did not tell the police what Chapman planned on doing. On the day of the shooting Chapman met Lennon outside of the hotel Lennon was staying at, he even shook hands with his son and got him to sign his copy of Catcher in the Rye. While meeting Lennon Chapman was too starstruck to pull the trigger and waited hours outside the hotel for Lennon to return that night. The assassination of John Lennon was unjust because he was an innocent musician who was killed by a mentally unstable man; however some believe that because of his outspoken personality he deserved the animosity he received (History.com 1).
Chapman explained that Lennon was the target “because he was very …show more content…

Chapman killed Lennon without any reason other than being offended about Lennon’s ideologies and being too mentally unstable to understand what he was doing at the time. After Lennon 's death everyone was devastated and Yoko Ono, Lennon’s wife, responded by saying that “this is not the end of an era, the 80s are still going to be a beautiful time, and John believed it,” (Feeney 1) The Beatles had been broken up for more than a decade but for many John Lennon’s death signified something more “the murder was something else. It was an assassination, a ritual slaying of something that could hardly be named. Hope, perhaps; or idealism. Or time. Not only lost, but suddenly dislocated, fractured,”

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