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“Once you replace your negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results” - said Willie Nelson. Willie Nelson has achieved a lot in life. Willie had 15 Grammy Awards because of the way he sang, and secured a place in the Country Music Hall of Fame, making Willie one of the greatest country singers of the 20th century. Willie Nelson started learning music when he was just a kid. He wrote his first song when he was seven years old. Willie got an early start to music because his grandparents had a music background and influenced Willie to start playing music (Carlin,2006). Willie went to a small church in town where he sang from the hymn books (Valente,2018). Without Willies grandparents and church he would not be in the music career. Willie had lots of help to get into music, but he had a long road to becoming famous. Willie had lots of professional influences to help him get a start in music, but only a couple inspired him. He was influenced by these musicians and singers Bob Wills, Frank Sinatra, and Django Reinhardt (“Willie Nelson”,2017). Before he wrote songs for himself, he wrote songs for other people like Patsy Cline (Carlin, 2006). Willie wrote lots of amazing songs for other …show more content…

Willie Nelson was the primary organizer for the first farm aid in 1985 held in Champaign Illinois. The first farm aid was for helping farmers throughout the United States. Farmers during this period were struggling and losing their farms because of taxes and the cost of doing business. Willie had two primary helpers to help organize and raise money for all the farmers. Soon word got out and, artist of all music pop, hard rock, and country were volunteering to sing. The most successful farm aid raised $10 million (Carlin,2006). Willie Nelson loved helping family, friends, and people in need. Willie was successful in music, and charity he also was successful in the movie

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