Joint Replacement Case

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Overview Paras Institute of Orthopedics has a specialized centre for Joint Replacement Surgery, which aims at providing exceptional care and using state of the art technology to provide mobility. The Paras Centre for Joint Replacement is equipped with modular operation theatres and is supported by reputed medical professionals and rehabilitative staff. Paras Centre for Joint Replacement has well developed clinical protocols for short listing the patients and recommending joint replacement surgery. Each patient goes through elaborate psychological, neurological and physical screening to ascertain if he/she is suitable for Joint Replacement Surgery. The assessment is an essential tool that controls the success and the outcome of the surgery as the same requires patient commitment and the support of the…show more content…
What are the common complications after joint replacement? The possible complications are deep vein thrombosis, dislocation for hips and infection. Long term complications are loosening and wear. These are easily preventable and in all cases preventive measures are taken. 7. What is the role of physiotherapy and exercises after joint replacement? Exercises called continuous passive motion (CPM) machine start within 1-2 days after joint replacement, while walking starts 2-3 days after joint replacement with full weight bearing, as tolerated. 8. Does one need some support of a walker or a stick after joint replacement? Yes, if only the knee is involved, then a walker for one week and a walking stick for three weeks. If both knees are replaced, then it takes twice the time. The same protocol for hip replacement with cement. For non cemented hips, walking is done after 2-3 months with a walking stick and weight bearing. 9. What precautions are taken to prevent these complications? It is advised to use a bed side commode for 3-4 weeks and a normal toilet after that. Avoid sitting on the floor, jogging , running and fast sports after joint

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