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Jordan Ashley, at the age of 19, prepped for his first National Physique Committee, or NPC, competition. These types of shows demand an extraordinary amount of drive, dedication and limitless amount of hard work. This type of competition is all on you with limited of any outside help. A strict diet and rigorous workout and cardio routine must be followed for as long as sixteen or as short as 8 weeks in order to properly dial down and prepare oneself prior to taking the stage.
Jordan Ashley started making the gym a daily routine towards the end of his high school career. After months of two-a-days, going to the gym two times a day Hutton different body parts, and a huge increase in carbohydrate and well as protein consumption, Jordan 's body began to transform. His body percent drastically decreased as his muscles grew at extraordinary rates and measures. Even before competition preparation, Jordan had to ensure that his body was at a high muscle density so that he could dial down and stand a chance against men who have been who have been competing for 10 or 20 years. Already Jordan was proving his level of …show more content…

As preparation for his first NPC competition progressed, cardio was added I to the mix. Thirty minutes of his choice of high intensity cardio was required five times a week on top of splits 6 times a week which consisted of isolating muscles during daily workouts to maximize muscle growth. Some regular weekly splits for Jordan’s prep included back and biceps one day and chest and triceps another day. Isolating each muscle group allowed for optimal muscle recovery allowing a more strenuous workout with different body parts being hit each day throughout the duration of the week. As prep progressed, Paul also directed Jordan to take natural supplements such as Testosterone Boosters for optimal muscle growth as well as CLA to burn fat more efficiently. As weeks went by Jordan’s physique changed drastically. His wide back started tapering down to his trimming

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