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The playlist made by Kaylee started with the song “Liars” by Gregory Alan Isakov with the Colorado Symphony, which is an emotional song featuring a haunting distant voice and a somber timbre. The next song on the playlist curated by Kaylee is “Black Flies” by Ben Howard performed live for a radio station. Third on the playlist is “Stubborn Love” by the Lumineers played live. After that is “All We Do” by Oh Wonder. After that on the playlist is “Scared” by Judah and the Lion. Following that is the song “After Rain” by Dermot Kennedy. The Oh Hellos come in with the next song, “Like the Dawn”. The last song on the playlist is fittingly called “Anchor” which is by Novo Amor. The majority of the songs began in a slower tempo and ended in a faster …show more content…

In comparison, on my playlist songs by Pinegrove, “Old Friends” and “Friends” by Sure Sure, both of which are upbeat alternative punk songs.The tempo of the songs on Kaylee’s playlist were overall slower than the songs included on mine, even though I did have a few slower songs on the playlist I made. The timbre of warmth and comforting flowed between some of the songs on each of our playlists. “Like the Dawn” by the Oh Hellos on Kaylee’s playlist and “Coastline” by Hollow Coves on my playlist best represent this similarity in …show more content…

The type of person that listens to folk music is fairy easy to identify by look and personality. The typical look of someone who listens to indie and folk music, much of which the playlist was made up of, wears flannels, Chacos and climbing pants. They typically like to go to concerts, climb rock walls and go on long roadtrips that typically end in camping or going to Zion. I speak from knowing people who listen to music like this and it makes me fairy confident I would be able to identify the person who made this playlist from the people in the class. The playlist seemed to just have a purpose in mind of finding the most general music that the person liked or would best identify the genre of music they would listen to. The playlist seemed to not tell a story or be for a specific event, like songs to sing to in the car or songs to listen to before a playing in a big game. From what I can tell based off of the eight song playlist it is a collection of songs and artists the creator likes.
Overall, this was an interesting assignment to do and I enjoyed thoughtfully listening to a playlist made by someone else in order to analyze the music and a little about

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