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Kenneth Bianchi, was born on May 22, 1951, in Rochester, New York. Kenny was almost six feet tall and was a trim, muscular man, he had well-groomed dark hair and he wore a mustache. He is known to many as the Hillside Strangler, serial killer. Bianchi teamed up with his cousin Angelo Buono for a spree of kidnappings, rapes, torture, and murders that claimed 12 victims, mostly in and around Los Angeles, between October 1977 and January 1978. The men posed as policemen targeting prostitutes to begin with, moving on to middle-class women and girls ages 12-28. Kenny was a body dumper, many of the bodies where found dumped on the hillside of the Glendale Highland Park area, hints the nickname ‘Hillside Strangler’ (Philbin, T. & Philbin, M. 2009,).Angelo Buono was raised in Los Angeles by an abusive mother, he was rough and tough at some point becoming a pimp having the ability to attract young pretty girls. Bianchi admired, even idolized, his cousin and moved to Los Angeles in 1976 primarily to be near him. He started to become a pimp himself, and the cruelty the two men …show more content…

Within the ‘Serial Killer Triad’, Kenneth Bianchi’s background falls under the bed-wetting category, growing up he displayed a bed-wetting problem that lasted until his high school years. (Pilibin, T. 2009, p.145) “At least 65% of serial killers were wetting the bed past the age of 12”he was also very cruel to animals, once killing a cat for fun.
4. My serial killer would most likely be described as a ‘Lust Killer,’ by definition lust killers; “kill for sexual gratification with acts that are usually sadistic, but actual intercourse may or may not take place. The amount of pleasure the killer derives depends in how much they torture the victim.” I believe that, Bianchi enjoyed the sexual gratification he got from tutoring the poor
Victims. Kenny was also married and lived with his wife and young child. (“The Hillside Strangler,”

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