Key Issues: The Reggio Emilia Approach

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Reggio Emilia links into my key issues because the Reggio Emilia approach focuses on the child learning through doing. For example, a child might paint a picture for their mums or dads. Also, it links into my key issues with the environment as the practitioners would set up the environment which will encourage children to communicate between children and adults. The practitioner will also create different areas to stimulate the child’s imagination. This is important for young children as they are attracted to narrative, creating stories, becoming part of imaginary situations and copying real life through role-play. The practitioner provide a room for the children which is privacy and quiet, this is only used when the child wants time on its…show more content…
He believed that creative play would be the importance play as symbolic behaviour is best developed through play. Froebel also believed that children should be helped to think by introduced to opposites. For example, rough and smooth. In the setting, I done an activity which I went through different textures. While doing this activity, the child would touch different textures as this will help them learn through doing. Frobel believed that children should wear comfortable cloths as it will allow the child to move around feely. Frobel recognised that parents are the child’s first educator so it is important that parents talked to the [practitioners. This is because the practitioners should be like ‘mothers’ to the young children. Frobel theory links into my key issues because he believes that learning should be encouraged through first hand experiences. This links into my key issues about structured and unstructured play as Frobel believes that children’s paly shouldn’t be structured. This is because the child can learn more when learning through doing and they can develop their language as they are learning through rhymes and finger play. Also, it is important that practitioners can encourage children imagination to flow freely in play. This could be set up different areas in the classroom like role play or construction. These areas will help the child to use their imagination and socialise with other children. It is important that practitioners provide a wide range of materials and activities which will meet the child’s individual’s
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