Why Is The Anza Battle Important

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Why is it important?
This battle was a somewhat important battle for the ANZAC’s because they showed a lot of sprit and rigger in the trenches at Krithia. It showed how after the British called for ANZAC support they responded quickly and their attack and defence methods weren’t all that great but they tried hard to hold their line as well as advance and take over Turkish trenches. This battle wasn’t meant to be fought by ANZAC troops but the British and French armies couldn’t tackle this massive task alone. The ANZAC’s brought fire power, strength in numbers and support to the allied side.
Focus 1: Explain and Evidence
The Australian effort in this particular battle was huge. They went out of their way just to get to Krithia. The ANZAC’s spent a whole two day marching to Krithia. By the time we had reached Krithia the Australian men were already tired. But as the battle commenced at 10am on May 6th the Australian men picked up their 22’s and fought like it was their last day on Earth. This is something that all Australians should be proud of the amazing sprit and effort put in by the “support” troops requested by the British and French. The evidence shows that Australians were only a “ring-in” by Hunter-Weston to give the British forces a hand. When really we were their main call of action. Evidence also proves …show more content…

But if the Turkish command post at Krithia had have been captured it would have been a major turning point in WW1. This is because the allies would have access to all the Turkish and German Intel. Thus giving the allies the upper hand. The sources show that the overall significance of this battle wasn’t that high but it did help the allied forces gain a better understanding of the Turkish Military. The sources also prove that this particular battle was a failure for the allies but it helped them in their development as a

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