How Did Zeus Influence Greek Mythology

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Zeus’s Influence in Mythology Zeus is an incredibly important character in Greek Mythology, and plays a role in almost every myth. Some believe his actions are for good, while others oppose by saying he is mostly a negative god. Evidence that proves Zeus’s personality is in the Myths: Kronos and Zeus, proving he is a good god, Prometheus, proving he is a negative god, and Demeter, which is most enjoyable to me. In the end, Zeus has proven to make some unfavorable decisions, but also many admirable ones.

The myth Kronos and Zeus, illustrates some acts of Zeus that are in a positive light. Kronos did not want to be overthrown, so he swallowed all of his children. His wife, Rhea, did want to have a child, so she hid Poseidon and Zeus, gave Kronos a stone wrapped in a blanket, and he ate that thinking it was his child. Once the brothers became of age, the wanted to uproot their horrid father from his throne. Therefore, to win the war, the siblings had to free their uncles. The myth states, “When they finally reached their uncles, the prisoners’ eyes filled with tears of gratitude. They’d thought they’d been …show more content…

Persephone, Demeter’s daughter, went to pick flowers but Hades seized the girl and took her to the dark Underworld. Demeter wanted nothing more than to get her child back, so she brought devastation to the world. Zeus, not looking out for just his interests, agrees to the following, “Give me back my child, and the earth shall grown fertile once more. Unwillingly, Zeus granted Demeter’s request” (Demeter 2). This quote really emphasises the fact that Zeus could have made any decision he wanted. Yet, he chose the option that looks out best for mankind and their happiness. He proves to be very selfless and is the reason that the earth was saved from the suffering brought by Demeter. Zeus, while sometimes making negative decisions, proved that he can use his powers for

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