Kush Geography

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1. Climate:
The climate for the Kingdom of Kush is dry desert. It affects The Kingdom Of Kush because they could get dust storms and possibly because there is rarely any water. Additionally, it is located in Northeast Africa. It also affects The KIngdom Of Kush by being saved with the Nile River so close to them.

2. Geography:
The kingdom of Kush was located in northeast Africa.The land of Kush is part of the modern day country of Sudan.The land of Kush stretched in the south and from the red sea coast in the east,to kordofan and the libyan Desert in the west.Kush may be considered as encompassing of southern Egypt.

3. Climate/Geography vs. Culture:
There was migration because since there were many people there you need to regroup …show more content…

They traded these products to the Egyptians. Also we traded with them because they were the closest to them and they were the closest to us. Additionally, the trading was very important to them because that meant more things from Egypt.

7. Governance:
The Kingdom of Kush was the Empire to the south of the Egypt.Their leader did not rule,their leader suggested and led discussion.Kush’s social structure was similar to Egypt’s.Kush were minor changes and levels.The main order is the Pharoahs on top,nobles,craftsmen,and artisans,and farmers,laborers and slaves at bottom. Also many of the leaders were women and not men.

8. Time, Continuity and Change:
The Kingdom of Kush remain stagnant because kush thought of themselves and did for hundreds of years.Kush likely considered themselves Egyptian in many ways.The Kingdom of Kush lasted for over 1400 years.The priests were the most important social class in Kush.

9. Anthropology/Archeology:
We know what we know about our culture by listening to many stories and facts. Also we know about our Kingdom by watching videos that many people made to talk about it. We also know what we know by using many resources, books and websites. Additionally, we know what we know by paying close attention to other

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