Wister Hall Case Study Essay

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La Salle University is a great institution for learning in the classroom and how to become a responsible adult. One of the reason La Salle attracts new undergraduate students is because of the smaller class sizes compared to other universities. However some of the buildings at La Salle that host classes suffer from maintenance issues. Specifically, Wister Hall suffers from many observable flaws. Solving the issues with Wister Hall is far from facile when learning of the many issues the building has. Wister Hall has flaws from the construction of the building, the slow moving elevator, lighting huge steps on stairwell that take much effort to walk up. I can remember waiting for class one day as the lights in the hallway were flickering as…show more content…
Besides, there is a solution by turning the air condition on or by opening the windows. What is the point of renovating Wister Hall? This is a good point that has to be looked at from a business standpoint. Opening up the windows at times is a good solution to the problem, even through disturbing for people closest to the window. However, there many times when opening the window supplies almost no relief from the temperature in the room. In response, the professor turns the air condition on. I may not be an electrician, but having (the heat box) and the air condition on in rooms and floors is not sensible. Also, the two being on is a waste of electricity that the university has to pay. As of now, the university is already paying the costly expense of this issue right now. Fixing the issue of the heating in this building will save La Salle University money in the long run that could be valuable for other programs or improvements. Even if the issue of the look of the building, upgrading the elevator, or somehow making the steps easier to climb is not practical the issue of the building temperature and wasting electricity problem is a practical fix that should be

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