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Would your results be the same if you had used the duct tape side of the block instead of the wood? Explain.

The results would not be the same since duct tape has a different friction from wood. This is because wood has a more uneven and rough texture, while duct tape is smoother.

If all 4 sides of the block (ignoring the 2 ends of the block) were the SAME material, would it matter which side you placed the block on? Explain why or why not.

No, it wouldn’t matter because the friction is the same. This is because the mass has not changed, and the material has also not changed.

Should your results for be the same for each trial, or different? Explain.

The results should be the same because the material and mass is still the same. Since friction is the same for each the result, the coefficient of friction in each of the trials should match. However, the experimental values were different due to human error.

Error Analysis
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The experimental values of experiment 1 and 2 was 64.6%. This is quite a large value because we likely made multiple human and experimental errors. Most of the errors probably occurred in experiment two because it had the largest value for the coefficient of friction. The percent value of experiment 1 and 2 was 34.2%, which is a medium value. Human and experimental errors in experiment three likely resulted in a greater coefficient of friction value, but the percent difference is not as drastic as the percent difference for experiments 1 versus 2. Lastly, the percent difference of experiments 2 and 3 was the smallest value: 32.2% Nevertheless, this is still a medium-sized value for percent difference, which was likely caused by human error in both experiments. However, this value is smaller than the others since the experimental value for the coefficient of friction for both experiments were larger than the value in experiment

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