Microorganism In Yeast

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actic acid bacteria: one of the most important group of microorganism its associated with plants, meats , and dairy. lactic acid produced from carbohydrates and sugars. its also consider a strong fertilizer and harmful microorganism. one of lactic acid benefits are empowering the productions of important sources of energy in your body which are glucose and glycogen in the liver. so therefore it helps gain energy. also helps in losing weight lactic acid makes a fast process of dietary carbohydrate which causes the weight loss. as well as helps strengthen body muscles. Lactic acid helps growth of hormones from pituitary glands . which causes your physical growth . last benefit of lactic acid i will mention is the how it improves the metabolism .over time by working out the body metabolism become faster and better body system . if your oxygen level is ever low carbohydrate breaks down for energy and makes lactic acid .

photosynthetic bacteria is a microorganism that uses by plants are sun as a source of energy. photosynthesis produce sun rays. …show more content…

Candida - which is your bad yeast then baker yeast and lastly brewers and nutritional .Is a single cell microorganism , member of kingdom of fungi. they are commonly found on plants leaves, flower, and fruits as well as soil. also some animals and skin of human.i will mostly discuss the brewers and nutritional yeast because they are the good of yeast. yeast can also reproduce sexually. yeast produce active cell division fast growing plants for ex roots. benefits are helping properties in soil, also big help in human health. importance in yeast is improvement of bioavailability of minerals in hydrolysis phytate. yeast plays a big part of fermentation from many ingredients in foods. yeats can be know as a immune system booster . a very rare yeast that can't be found anywhere else Kluyveromyces marxianus var. marxianus and Saccharomyces

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