Ladies Sangeet Analysis

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Review of the theatre play Ladies Sangeet Notable faces: Joy Sengupta, Gopal Dutt, Nivedita Bhargava, Trisha Kale, and more! (Part of Aadyam's series of plays) It was a pleasant surprise to sit through Ladies Sangeet at NCPA, Mumbai for this play took me by surprise. Since the Bookmyshow write-up on the play stated something about challenging gender stereotypes, I assumed that the play would talk about how women should be seen an individuals and not through the hetero normative binary glimpse of the society. The play has some great moments of humour, music drama, wit and subplots, including a fabulous set. It struck many right notes, and could improve on some. The plot is about this girl, Radha, who is getting married to her beau, Siddharth,…show more content…
A matriarch rules the house with mild tyranny, and much willing submission to her will by the others. She has two sons and two daughters. She teaches one of her grand daughters classical music, more specifically, Bandish. She declares that no 'bollywood music' will be played at the Sangeet. One of her sons is married to an ex-bar dancer, and this lady is not allowed in the house, nor has she met any of her husband's siblings, due to her past. One son is the father of the bride, who has shunned his wife. One daughter can't stop moaning over the fact that she is dark-skinned,. The last daughter has much dramatic flair, and talks more than she listens. The gender stereotypes will be evident, you'd believe thus far. But there are many nuances around it. - Bride has slept with the groom before the marriage, and he isn't the only man she knows in-the-skin. - Conforming to societal norms of 'marriage' are questioned. - Stereotypical old lechs who like to have the new daughter in law touch their feet so they can get a better view of her cleavage. - Indian classical singing granddaughter can also hit western notes! - Beauty of a woman being likened to her complexion receives some
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