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On July 30, 1989, one of the greatest bull riders in history was tragically taken from this world. Although it has been 27 years since his death, he is still considered a legend to this very day, and a legend he will forever be. That unforgettable bull rider’s name would eventually go down in history with an incredible story. His name was Lane Frost. His stellar riding record, personality, and dedication made him not only the most outstanding bull rider in history but also one of the most inspirational. Lane Frost had one of the most stellar bull riding records in history. In 1987, he was recognized as the World Champion Bull Rider. That year he also set a record by covering nine out of ten bulls at the finals. Covering means to ride a bull until the eight second whistle. The only bull to throw him before the whistle was Red Rock. Red Rock won the 1987 World Champion Bucking Bull and had never been ridden until the whistle. With both Red Rock and Lane being deemed the best of their profession in 1987, a challenge arose. The challenge was called Challenge of the Champions. It consisted of seven matches all across the United States. Match number three took place in Redding, California on May 20, 1988. That day Lane became the first man to ever cover Red Rock. He had thrown 309 consecutive riders before Lane. Red Rock was then retired ( Pro Rodeo). The year after, 1989, Lane was killed while riding Takin’ Care of Business. In 1990, Lane was inducted into the Professional Rodeo Hall of Fame ( Frost Family). …show more content…

He was always the one to tell jokes and make people laugh. He was also a devoted Christian who was saved about a year and a half before his accident ( Frost, Elsie). Lane also paid attention to people others often ignored. He always took time to interact with younger children who looked up to

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