Lani As A Role Model

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Who I Dream to Be
A role model is a person who you look up to. A person who you live to be, someone who has greatly impacted your life. For me that person is Alayna Maher (Lani). Lani has some phenomenal best qualities. She brings out the best in people. Also Lani’s performance in soccer is outstanding. She stands out once she steps on the field, it’s incredible. I love Lani’s personality, she is so caring and I can tell her anything. I’m so happy I met Lani, because she has had such a huge positive impact on my life. I don 't know what I would do without her. Lani is my role model because of her best qualities, her performance in soccer, and her amazing personality.
The first part of Lani Maher being my role model is her best qualities. Lani
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Lani is a phenomenal soccer player and teammate. I’m so blessed I got the chance to play with her during high school soccer. It’s something I’m going to remember forever. Lani can literally play any position on the field. I better keep improving or she might take my spot as a goalkeeper. The ability to play wherever is a great quality to have and many coaches look for that in players. Also no matter where she is on the field, she will do whatever it takes to help the team. That’s why every time she steps on the field she takes her performance to a new level. Lani will look out for you on the field, she is big in protection. When I call for the ball she shields the ball so no other player can touch it or me. I can always rely on her as my center back to prevent the other team from taking shot or having breakaways. She is incredibly fast and can catch up to any player on the field. Lani is huge on communication. She talks all the time during games, letting players know if there 's an open player or if there’s a defender coming. She always tells me how important communication is during a soccer game and she’s right. Communication can be the difference between a winning and a losing team. I’m thankful she has worked on communication alot with me because it has really helped me and the team improve. Speaking of communication, Lani has some pretty funny sayings she likes to say before games. During the huddle…show more content…
Another reason why Lani is my role model is her personality. I love Lani’s personality, she is always herself and never cares what anyone else thinks of her. She is such a kind and caring person. I can tell her anything and she will always be there for me. She gives me rides everywhere, and we have the best conversations during those rides or we blast the music and sing along with all smiles. Lani just is such a fun person to be around, you always have a great time with her. She has an outgoing personality and is always talking to people. You know when you talk to her you will have this amazing conversation that will make your day. Lani is honestly the funniest person I know. She says a little comment and it can make you laugh forever. She doesn’t even have to try to be funny, it’s just natural. Whenever i’m upset she always knows the right thing to say to cheer me up. Lani feels like a sister to me, I love her so much and I don’t know what I would do without her in my
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