Lather And Nothing Else Character Analysis

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In the short story, “Lather and Nothing Else”, there are two main opposing forces. On one side there is Captain Torres and on the other is the Barber. Both characters stand for something particular. They act different and think different, but in some ways they also act and think the same. Where there are differences there are also similarities. No matter how different two forces seem they always correspond in one way or another. Similarly, they both are cautious about their job, are courageous, and secretive. Even so, the Barber cuts hair, has morals, and is fearful while Captain Torres is frightening, dangerous, and blunt. Two people can appear to be polar opposites, but turn out to be more similar than what meets the eye. Surprisingly, the Barber and Captain Torres are particularly similar people. Both take their jobs extremely seriously, have a dark side to them, and are associated with the revolution. Concerning the revolution, the men are politically involved, even though they are on opposing sides. The Barber represents an innocent man who just cuts hair and shave beards, but is actually a part of a rebel alliance and the entire time he was shaving the captain's beard, he was entertaining ways to murder him. He wanted the captain dead, just as the Captain wanted many other men dead and the main reason he didn’t choose to kill the …show more content…

At first glance when “Lather and Nothing Else” is interpreted it's hard to believe that an innocent little barber could have such dark thoughts, but his thoughts don’t become actions. The Captain, on the other hand, has no problem turning thoughts into actions. In many ways the characters can relate to each other because they are both brave, enemies, and serious about their jobs. What sets them apart is their ability to follow through with their thoughts and their value of human life. Overall, both characters have interesting and diverse qualities about

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