Rule Of Law In America

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Chapter 5 of Law in America is describing how a country or a group of people create rules based on their culture, time and place. The author states that people without rules or laws cannot build a country that is a suitable place to live. The law teaches people how to be polite to others, not to kill or steal others’ belongings and not to create a conflict over others’ faith. People are scared of breaking the law because of the punishments that follow. Without a law people are not fearful of the punishments, so they do as they please. However, the law provides us with a guideline of what is right and what is wrong. If the laws are broken, how will their punishment be decided? Each country has their own set of laws to solve and punish crimes. Certain states have a death penalty while several states do not. However, during a colonial time, the death penalty was not morally acceptable since several people did not have money or power and could not prove their innocence. Additionally, in colonial time some states only permitted married couples to have sex and gambling was not acceptable. People know that if they are attracted to each other then there will be a problem. If a woman became pregnant she would have …show more content…

Certain states have banishment/imprisonment and the death penalty, and several have minor punishments. The job of law enforcement is to guarantee that citizens obey the law. Lots of people are scared of penalty and without punishments, no one would obey the rules and laws. People are used to being told what to do with their bodies, this means no sex before marriage and no abortion. There is not equal justice for teenagers if they love each other they legally still cannot have sex, or the male will face criminal charges if the girl gets pregnant. Having a solid rule is better than no

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