Lawrence Exeter Jr.: A Short Story

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From perspective of Lawrence Exeter Jr. “Lawrence, were scheduled to go on the second of September, so plan to leave in a few minutes.” Lawrence Exeter and his wife crammed into the big car, his wife in the back seat. She was pregnant. With me. About a month later, on that one fateful day -- ”Mrs. And Mr. Exeter, your boy is ready to take home,” said Dr. McCoy. “What’s his name going to be, honey?” said mom. “Laurence. Laurence Exeter Jr.” “Mr. Exeter,” Dr. McCoy said. “Your name will now be from this point forth, Laurence Exeter Sr.”
* * * * * * * * * * * * * Growing up in Hollywood, my family was very rich. We had high expectations for me in school. My dad paid 1,250 dollars for me to go to a boarding school, when I was six. We were forced to read young …show more content…

A cadillac. My family was rich. They spent a lot on me. Little did I know, that just four days later, I would end up in auto-repair from my bad crash trying to parallel park. About a month later, I was dropped off at Stanford University. I stayed for all four years. There, my old school friend, Jony Spagoni was my roommate. When I got out of college, I met a girl. Her name was Miss Florie Wentworth. I payed her parents $50,000 to be able to marry her. The next night, we went to Beverly Diamond Shop. From that night on, everything would be different for me.
* * * * * * * * * * * * The wedding was scheduled on June 20th, 1931. It was a very joyful day for Marie and I. We got lots of help from several people including Tony Spagoni, who was my lifelong friend since boarding school when I was six years old. He was there at my wedding, there to support me. My father wasn 't able to attend the wedding. He was very ill, and was getting old. Fifteen days after the wedding, my father was sent to the hospital. Ten days after he was hospitalized, he died. He was buried at Hollywood Monetary, on July 16th, 1931, the day after his

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