Le Bonheur: A Short Story

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I was at Le Bonheur in Memphis, Tennessee. I was with my Mom, Dad, Brother, Grandma, and Grandpa.(10) It was about three years ago. Mr brother was in the hospital because he lost platelets which is colorless blood cells that help blood clot.

We went to the hospital because my brother had bruises all over him. A ambulance took my Mom and my brother to Le Bonheur at 4:30 in the morning. I then went home very worried. I kept texting my mom and asking her questions like what is wrong.

In the morning I didn 't go to school. I went to the hospital to see my brother. Once I found out he had to stay at the hospital, my grandparents came. I got to play with my brother in the game room.

I went home and went to school. I faked sick so I didn 't

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