Leadership Application Essay Examples

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Leadership, in my own words, is when you are there to provide support for your group as well as provide a sense of clarity and understanding for what their task is. When you are put in a group and you take charge you are being a leader. During the club volleyball season I was asked to be team captain. The team unanimously voted for me. As team captain I was required to attend all practices and tournaments. Although I had conflicts, I worked them out so I could be there with my team. Whenever my teammates looked down or were acting different than their normal self I’d talk to them to better understand what was going on. Their experiences helped prepare me for my own. Once my friends became used to the fact that not only would I correct them …show more content…

Character shapes every decision you make, and will affect what others think of you as well as what you think of yourself. Many qualities makeup your character. Although I sometimes struggle to be confident in myself, I always find a way to be confident in Christ. For example, when I was asked to share my testimony in the Dominican Republic the summer of 2016 I worried that I wouldn’t be able to stand up and share my story. After an hour of biting my nails into nothing but stubs it was my turn, so I stood up and I shared the reasoning behind my religion and belief. I told my experience with a peer asking me what made me so bubbly and different than others. I shared how I believed my Savior was the reason for this, and how this quality made me who I am and shaped me into the person I am. I shared how my personality consisted of this attribution and many others. After I was done sharing I was asked many questions, one that captivated me was, “ How do you know who you are at such a young age?” At the time I wasn’t sure, but now looking back I realize that I have a strong personality full of character and it is the reason for every decision I’ve ever had to make and will have to make. Having my character molded me into the person I am

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