Leadership Skills And Effective Leadership: Donald J. Trump

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TRAIT APPRAOCH In order to determine the causes of what made certain individuals great leaders, several leadership traits were studied. They focused on the innate abilities and qualities possessed by leader. The theories that were developed were called “great man” theories which suggest that leaders are born to be a leader. In case of Donald J. Trump he was born in business family I already mentioned above, his father was also real estate businessman. He has a lot of good innate characteristics which could make anyone successful but it wasn’t enough. His father guided him in a very good manner through his life. In Trump’s book “Think like a billionaire” his father’s contributions were mentioned so many times. He mentioned …show more content…

Leader’s effectiveness depends on leader’s ability to solve complex organizational problems. Skills approach consisted of three different major skills which are: technical skill, human skill and conceptual skill. It is a fact that no one can become billionaire without having business skills, if anyone can, than he would be surely a lucky person. In case of Donald J. Trump skills and the three major skills mentioned above which are required for effective leadership I think there are some differences. I think Trump has just one of these skills i.e. conceptual skills. He knows to work with ideas and concept. Or we can say that he always has some great ideas to work on and love the people having good ideas and concept. And I thinks in his ideas has also an important part in his success. On the other hand he admits in his book that he doesn’t have knowledge of using advanced technology, he always hires people to get the technical job done. He just offers his ideas, concept and wealth to them and wants good result in …show more content…

Trump gives high salaries to his employees and demands high results from them. Trump is a type of leader who leads from the front, he himself works hard so, he also wants others to do same for him, but in reality this may not be possible because followers can follow their leader, but they can’t be exactly same like him. With this type of leadership style he may lose some talented people who could be assets for the organization, and I think every employee would feel uncomfortable if they are treated like

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