Legislative Process

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Given my experience on two on living in two countries, I will give an overview about my experience on the legislative processes that have had impact on me as a young men growing up. My view will also reveal the facts concerning about the topic ben discussed in this course. Over the years the legislative process have had a negative impact on my life while residing in Africa. The process have been crowded with flaw and self-interest where 90 percent of members of parliament do not create laws that benefit the common interest of the masses. Fundamentally, law making is considered as a process by which individuals enrich themselves leaving national polices in complete ruin. Such action have been the status quotes for decades. It have not impact …show more content…

The legislative process have not initiated it oversight responsibility and as a result many public policy programs do not benefit the common people.
As important as the legislative process is in the United States is, I can state that it have some level of transparency and it have impacted my live to some extent. For example, as a refugee, I have witnessed the passage of the healthcare law that have improve the level care I receive and its effectiveness while at the same time reducing costs. Although, there growing debate about repealing the Affordable Healthcare Act, but I think that this Act have made a positive impact on my life. Over the years, the legislative process, have brought to live the implementation of regulatory policy that have protected numerous minority communities from the impact of environmental pollution. As a result of some of these laws, companies responsible for pollutions are held accountable for their negative impact on the environment. Ultimately, the U.S have made some positive impact due to legislative oversight which have benefited the general population over the years. For example, the National Environmental Policy Act , served as a pillar for environmental protection in the United

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