Lenox Mall Ethos Pathos Logos

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I recently moved to Atlanta to attend school at Georgia State University. As I was looking for places to live in Atlanta, I came across a variety of communities and cultures from the artsy areas of midtown to the sophisticated vibes in the Buckhead area. Eventually, I chose to live in Buckhead where young students and professional working adults surround me. However, I live minutes from what seems to be a main area in the community: Lenox Mall. Lenox mall conveys ethos, pathos, and logos through a systematic layout of stores that coincides with accessibility uniting a diverse community into one culturally diverse sphere of people that mesh together. The physical features of Lenox are constructed to convey logos. On the outside of Lenox Mall, …show more content…

As I walk through the mall, I see a diverse community of people coming together; hence, the mall stays crowded even on weekdays. Age groups from teenagers to elderly people swarm all around the elegant mall, but why? Lenox appeals to each age group with desired stores, for example, a teenager loves to shop at Hollister, Abercrombie or American Eagle while an older shopper may go to Brooks Brothers, Banana Republic, or Anthropologie. In addition, not only does Lenox offer a wide variety of stores, but also Lenox is conveniently located right off the highway, so it is easily accessible. A Marta Station is also positioned right next to the mall within a suitable walk distance to the food court. Furthermore, Lenox also offers activities that draw the community in such Macy’s Pink Pig. The Pink Pig offers a family environment for children to ride a monorail pig train a tradition for 50 years in Atlanta. The Pink Pig started in 1950 by Richard Rich that allowed children to look in aw at the toys below as they rode in a loop in the monorail. The ride has evolved since 1950 and has remained a tradition ever since that is now held at Lenox Mall October 31-January 3 on the upper level parking deck. Lenox helps bring a diverse crowd into one building to share and create everlasting

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