Reflective Essay: The Love Of My Life

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It is difficult to tell love. It is difficult to explain how it feels when wallowing in supreme eudaimonia known as love. It is a feeling that has been told many—by legends, by scribes, by pious, by philosopher, by artists and also by rationales—in many forms. In form of words, in music, in art and in other different forms that suits an individual.
Words eulogize Love; Music adds happiness to it; and Art adorns it. Yet words are not enough; music is not defining it implicitly; art and other forms seems less in expressing love. It is a conjure; a mesmerize feel. A feel that can never be express entirely. It can be comprehend only by feel. …show more content…

Tell me who’s that dumb ass who couldn’t cherish priceless emotions?”
“I cannot tell his name. He is love of my life. We were in college. Ours were the biggest friend circle in whole college cause of me. I am always friend of friends. Then this new guy came in the college. I don’t remember how exactly he joined our cabal. I only remember that there was something mesmerizing about him that bagged my attention. There were so many friends I had but I eschewed their feelings. Guess, cause of that my feelings are abandoned now.”-she cried again.
“Oh! That’s not fair. You must not think like this. Sweet-heart before telling you remedy for your wound I want you to tell me something. Have you ever tried to fill something of 2kg in a container of 1kg.”
“No, okay and can you do that?”

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