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With a honeyed Sam Cooke worthy croon and a slicked style reminiscent of the Dapper Rebels, Leon Bridges is in all aspects a rarity. Less than two years ago, 25 year old Leon Bridges was washing dishes in a Texas restaurant. However in just over a year, following numerous gigs in coffee shops and a fortuitous chance meeting with White Denims Austin Jenkins, 40 record labels would show an interest in his soulful reversion to the past. At first glance 'Coming Home ' could be seen as merely a careful archetype of the music made in 1963, a year when the likes of the Beach Boys, Sam Cooke the Four Seasons and rode high. In reality, however, this is from far from the case. 'Coming Home ' is all aspects a throwback album blessed with modesty; a world in a bottle, which has …show more content…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTrKkqE9p1o] With his signature 'gumby ' haircut to compliment his high waisted trousers and spectator wingtips, Leon Bridges ' looks like an expert in soul. However despite his hypnotically graceful body undulations, Bridges has been frank about his humble beginnings as a soul singer. Up until a few years ago Bridges was more inspired by the likes of 90s RnB artists such as Ginuwine and Usher; a Texan millennial who educated himself with the satin-swathed melodies of the 60 's through online listening after a friend likened him to Sam Cooke. It is seen in the whispery call and response with vocalist Britain Jessie on 'Smooth Sailing '; the silky smooth melody of 'Coming Home '; the sweet doo-wop backing vocals which punctuate the hip-shaking melody of 'Better Man ' and the haunting gospel-like undertone of 'River ' calling back to Gospel groups such as The Soul Stirrers and Curtis Womback and the Womack Brothers. What on the surface seems like simply replication is, in fact, is a foundation to Leon Bridge 's powerful evocation. Indeed it is the subtleties which 'Coming Home ' may deem it "retro," but the sentiment produced is longing, yet

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