Leonardo Da Vinci The Last Supper

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#1. The title of the painting is called The Last Supper. It was created in 1495 through 1498, by Leonardo da Vinci. The size of the painting measures one-hundred and eighty-one inches, by three-hundred and forty-six inches, and is located in Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan. The medium used was assumed to be fresco, but wasn’t, causing damage it the painting when restoration attempts were made years later. Instead da Vinci, painted on a regular stone wall. He used layers of pitch, gesso and mastic. Then he painted on that layer with tempera. This art can be found on page 637 figures 21-3 and 21-4, in the Art History textbook, fifth edition, by Marilyn Stokstad, and Michael W. Cothren. #2. This painting depicts the Jesus and his twelve disciples

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