Domestic Violence In Mrs. Steiner's Speech

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What would you do if you had a gun pointed at your head by your spouse several times? Or beaten twice a week? Leslie Morgan Steiner, has been though domestic abuse and creates a speech to answer a question most people ask, “Why does she stay?” (Steiner). In the speech logos, pathos and ethos are used to make her point proven on how domestic abuse is an important issue and why it need to be spoken about.
Domestic violence is the main issue in Mrs. Steiner’s speech and she explains why some victims stay. Domestic violence can happen to everyone and no matter what status you are in society. It has been going on for so many years in family’s and some long-term relationships. Mrs. Steiner has a B.A in English from Harvard, she spent most of her career working for big writing company’s such as, Fortune 500, The Washington Post and Leo Burnett. Mrs. Steiner seems so successful, but behind all those achievements she had a secret of her own. She explains how she was in a domestic relationship with her boyfriend at the time and tells her story on how and why it happened.
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Steiner gives out striking facts about domestic relationships, but some are deeper than others. Such as “In the United States, women ages 16 to 24 are three times as likely to be domestic violence victims as women of other ages” (Steiner). This gives the audience to think about anybody they know around that age, like their daughter, sister, or friend. It gives more of a target point to an age and gives the audience more know age of domestic abuse. Another example is domestic violence leading to death when Mrs. Steiner quotes “Over 500 women and girls this age are killed every year by abusive parents, boyfriends, and husbands in the Unites States” (Steiner). The atmosphere seems to change in the room after she says this. The thought of young women and especially girls cause of death is because of an abusive parent or

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