The Role Of Optimism In Anne Frank's Life Is Beautiful

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The horrible event of the Holocaust persecuted , forced jewish people to leave their home, and sent to camps to work till death. The holocaust left many people homeless and orphaned. There are books, movies and autobiographies describing the tragic time of the Holocaust. The first book ever written was “The Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank which is about a young girl hiding in the “Secret Annexe” during Nazi invasions. Secondly, there is a movie called Life is Beautiful by Roberto Benigni which is about a father, Guido, and his son, Joshua in terrible conditions at a concentration camp. Throughout the hardships the main characters faced from the war, Anne and Guido displayed signs of optimistic behavior. Being an optimist during this time…show more content…
One time Anne appreciates her life even in the scariest times is when she is in the “Secret Annexe” and begins to admire Peter deeply. She finds herself falling in love with the shy boy. Anne explains, “ I must live on and pray to God that he will let Peter cross my path when I come out of here and that when he reads the love in my eyes…” (135) Anne knows the situation her and her family are in and still believes she will be happy again in the future. She knows that the war will pass and she will lock hearts with Peter, again. Next, Anne has always been passionate about what she wants for herself. She imagines herself becoming something big and known for something of her own creation. Anne says, “ You've known for a long time that my greatest wish is to become a journalist someday an later on a famous writer.” (233) fAnne reveals her optimistic side of the future. She sets back the tragedies occurring every second and puts forth the good she believes will come out in the end like being a writer. Finally, although the sad stories Anne listens s the adults whisper, she digs deep to the bottom of her heart to search for the good that true people actually have. Anne describes “ Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.” (263) With all the negativity and hatred surrounding her, Anne begins to alter her opinions of the evil people because she knows the…show more content…
Anne conveyed moments when she was put in the worst situations and all that was on her mind was the life after the war. Guido was not just fighting for his own life in the concentration camp but his son's life by changing the circumstances positively Both being optimistic, they changed the way readers and people will watch or read real or fictional stories and inspire them to look at the glass half full. When it comes to optimism in this time period these characters both demonstrated a better way to live and cope with the hardest times they might ever have to face. Sadly, they both did not make it out of the holocaust era alive but they left a strong impact on the beautiful hearts people still have during that
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