Literary Criticism In Pride And Prejudice

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Task 1: Essay
Discuss the application of relevant theories of literary criticism in the selcted text. This essay for literary criticism will be discussed based on the story Pride and Prejudice, wrote by Jane Austen. The reason why I choose this story is because of its strong plot which is very amusing and also because of the characters described by Jane Austen. This story is absolutely about love that created a distinction between both of the protagonist because of their pride and prejudice. In this story, there are two type of literary criticism occured which are gender criticism and social criticism. These two types of literary criticism are the main important things that created the story line of this story. First, lets discuss about
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In this story, it is describe how the social class of people in the early of nineteenth century in England where there are three types of social class which are high class, middle class and lower class. The high class social are portrayed through the characters of Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley while the middle class social are portrayed through the Bennet’s housheold. It is said that people from the high class cannot associate with people from middle class because they need to maintain the class hierachy and also need to maintain their status quo. But, it is because of love that cause a great upstirs in that social class. Since the woman in this period need to find a good husband to support their live, so the Bennet’s daughter need to associate their live with people from the high class social so that they can get a chance to married them in order to attain a better live. Upon hearing that Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy will stay in Netherfield, it had cause a big ruckus in the Bennet’s houshehold. At first, Mr. Darcy proud with his noble blood that cause him to rejected Elizabeth’s offer to dance, but after the love between them bloom, Mr. Darcy neglected his noble blood and went out to proposed Elizabeth. At first, his proposal was rejected by Elizabeth but upon settling all the conflict between them, Mr. Darcy once again proposed to Elizabeth and was accepted. Mr. Darcy actions…show more content…
In the early nineteenth century in England, it is described about the role of woman in the society where they cannot inherit the inheritance and at the same time their education is only limited. So, the best way for them to get place in the society is through the marrige. This what makes Mrs. Bennet eagerly want to married off their daughter because she do not want her daughter end up become a maid. The story continued with the love relationship between Jane and Mr.Bingley, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy and Lydia with Mr. Wickham. Mrs. Bennet satisfied with their daughter getting married because they at least can get a place in the society. Elizabeth who at first rejected Mr. Collins proposal get mad by Mrs. Bennet who said "If you go on refusing every offer of marriage, you will never get a husband and I am sure I do not know who is to maintain you when your father is dead”. Elizabeth rejected Mr. Collins offers because she do not want to married for convenience but she want to get married with the man she love. In the end she married with Mr. Darcy after both managed to overcome their pride and prejudice against each other. Jane who at first sad because Mr. Bingey left Netherfield become happier after Mr. Bingley come back to Netherfield and proposed her. Lydia who had cause great worrisome to the Mr. Bennet and his family finally end up married with Mr. Wickham
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